Friday, July 6, 2012

"Down With Brown:" A Response To Elevated Scott

Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin', ("This is my message to you-ou-ou:") - Bob Marley

Actually, that's not how my morning started. I woke up to a tweet, though not of the bird-type, from @Elv8scott, the founder of Official Global Attack Mixtape Series. It's the morning after my deadline for "Grammy Bound With You" and I'm feeling a little bittersweet already. Though I didn't reach my goal of $65,000, I did receive over $2,400 in donations through the site and even more in cash/ check donations. I woke up feeling grateful and anxious to take the next steps towards my dream.
Before I even got up to brush my teeth, I looked at my phone and found the following tweet from "Elevated Scott,"

 You do realize average record label spends about 250,000 dollars behind a record to push for a Grammy. 

It was a low blow to receive as the first thing to look at the day after making some great strides towards my dream. I sat there for a moment, wiping the sleep from my eye, thinking of the best way to respond...or if I should respond at all. For the sake of time, I'll leave out the commentary for now and just re-trace the conversation as it took place:

 Thanks for the info. I don't makes wishes anymore...I just make it happen. Wishful thinking is just the planting of a seed.
 I don't have all the right answers, but I'm willing to make mistakes till I get to them.


 I don't have all the right answers, but I'm willing to make mistakes till I get to them.


And I guess he must have deleted the conversation since I can't pull it up on twitter, but luckily I took a screen shot of the conversation so I have it documented:

@ELv8scott: @KFHox well ur gonna be stuck in that box until u surround yourself w the right ppl and not ppl just attempting to go through the motions

 Again, thanks for the info. I agree, but understand I'm not "stuck" around anyone. I choose the people I surround myself with.

 Again, thanks for the info. I agree, but understand I'm not "stuck" around anyone. I choose the people I surround myself with.

(*the spelling errors are his, copied verbatim from his tweet)
I'm not a woman who's easily taken out of character, but this last tweet pushed me over the edge. As Kanye once notably said, "Racism's still alive, they just be concealin' it." And by deleting his tweets, this is @ELv8scott's way of concealing his BLATANT racism. 
As an independent, up-and-coming artist, I understand that my response to this does not come without repercussions, but I know who I am, what I represent, WHO I represent, and what I want to do with my platform within the music industry. For this reason, I am COMPELLED to respond to these tweets and spread the word about @ELv8scott's position on "Brown People," as he would refer to them. 
Truth be told. this is NOT my first interaction with him, that has echoed these RACIST undertones. It started back in April after I met him and his GIRLFRIEND at an event he invited me to in the city. I attended, along with the director of my video, Rodolfo Duran and his assistant, Sha-la Hollis, of, very talented young men making strides themselves within the production side of the entertainment industry. Shortly after meeting him in person for the first time, along with his girlfriend, I received the following correspondence via Facebook:

    • I'm in OD grind mode, but definitely keep me posted. Would love to link up and talk shop. As I told you before, I'm always up to support your movement. I stand behind your grind and your dedication to help artists on their path. You'll surely be blessed by all that you're doing.
    • yea im talking more personal than biz
    • but either or would be great 
    • To be honest, I'm 100% business at this point. The task at hand allows for nothing less, but I'm flattered and I'm definitely down to help however I can.
    • no doubt

It seemed like it was no big deal and that he respected the fact that I'm working day and night to make things happen for myself. I didn't bother to ask about his girlfriend that he introduced me to at this his event, Launch Party.
A short while later, I started receiving tweets (PUBLIC tweets, not DM's) that began to demonstrate his feelings about me being "Down With Brown:"

I have figured it out.  will not entertain a date cause shes only dates black dudes? lol jk

 I don't base relationships on color. I believe in one race...the  race. I base relationships on character and chemistry.

 hahaha no doubt

 I don't joke about race. There's too much hate in the world. I refuse to make a joke about it. I'm not just a singer. 

 You, of all people, should understand the great responsibility that being in a position of power & having a platform entails.

 So i guess that answered that question pretty clear...