Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Day The Music Died

Today I write with a heavy heart. On this day, Saturday, July 23, 2001, one of my musical heroes died. Amy Winehouse, at the young age of 27, has left us tragically...leaving only a portion of the body of work that she would have inevitably created. Her life, riddled with abuse and addiction, has come to an end...and with it, so has her music.

Many people judged Ms. Winehouse on her alcohol and drug induced behavior. Personally, I do my best to not judge anyone. You never know the battles people are facing behind closed doors. As the daughter of a recovering alcoholic father and a mentally ill mother, I certainly can relate to the challenges one can face. For that reason, I'll speak no further on this great talent's personal problems since I, myself, am not privy to what her reality was and because I can certainly empathize with the complications of addiction and depression.

I will, however, honor her memory and legacy by continuing to listen to her music and remembering the mark she made on my musical heart. Musically, Amy Winehouse, touched my heart in a way that no other artist ever has...she sang songs I wanted to sing. I remember the first time I heard her and thinking THAT'S IT! That's the sound I've been looking for. Like many legends in the past, Amy Winehouse has opened a door, one that I would be blessed and honored to walk through. I pray for an opportunity to live out her legacy with my own music and pay homage to an old soul with a short life. May you rest in peace, Amy. My tears will dry on their own.